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PhD Candidate Researchers
  1. J. Xu, P. Kontis, R. Peng and J.J. Moverare, Modelling of Ad

Masters researchers
  1. A. Després, S. Antonov, C. Mayer, M. Veron, Edgar F. Rauch, C. Tassin, J.-J. Blandin, P. Kontis and Guilhem Martin, Revealing the true partitioning character of zirconium in additively manufactured polycrystalline superalloys, Additive Manufacturing Letters 1 (2021) 100011 (DOI-Open Access).

  2. Y. Wu, D. Cao, Y. Yao, G. Zhang, J. Wang, L. Liu, F. Li, H. Fan, X. Liu, H. Wang, X. Wang, H. Zhu, S. Jiang, P. Kontis, D. Raabe, B. Gault, and Z. Lu, Substantially enhanced plasticity of bulk metallic glasses by densifying local atomic packing, Nature Communications 12 (2021) Article number: 6582 (DOI-Open Access)

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